In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations need inclusive, participative processes to enhance traditional methods of planning, problem-solving and decision-making. You can’t leave this to chance. Contact me for a complementary discussion about using a system of collaboration to fully engage the skills, energy and talent of every member of your organization or community.

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Your 2020 Vision | Creating the future you want for yourself

A "seriously playful”, creative and participative event that explores your vision for 2020 and ways to achieve it. Date: Thursday, January 30, 2020 | Time: 5:30 to 8:30 pm Venue: Ashker's Juice Bar on Elmwood Ave, Buffalo   News Flash … 80% of us will have broken...

120,000 Intentional Acts

Rather than “selling” a solution, we needed to walk everyone through a problem-solving and habit-changing process that would uncover sources of resistance to change, make the problem personal and discussable, identify a first step that was so simple that it could be universally applied, and then support the change agents by continuing to build their capacity.

Collaborance is a disciplined, practical yet playful way of working with habits and beliefs that underlie collaborative effort.

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