A “seriously playful”, creative and participative event that explores your vision for 2020 and ways to achieve it.

Date: Thursday, January 30, 2020 | Time: 5:30 to 8:30 pm
Venue: Ashker’s Juice Bar on Elmwood Ave, Buffalo


News Flash … 80% of us will have broken our 2020 New Year’s resolutions by Valentine’s day and 25% by January the 8th. Sound familiar?! If you are one of those 80% you might be relieved to know that this is not because you lack willpower or suffer from other moral failings.   The main reasons we struggle to keep our resolutions are that we don’t create clear and compelling pictures for WHAT we want; WHY we want it and HOW to attain it.

People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.  F.M, Alexander

To make our resolutions “stick” we need a strategy based on habit-science that helps us understand how our “bad” habits formed in the first place and what we can do to change the behavioral patterns that hold us “hostage”.  We also need to learn the difference between goals and habits and how to choose “good” ones that reinforce the new outcomes we want.   And we need to practice the right mindset for change, so we can meet challenges and respond to set-backs in a positive way.

Whether you have already set your goals for 2020; have already broken them; or would like to have more success keeping them, join us for a “seriously playful”, creative and participative event where we will

  • explore your personal vision;
  • define a realistic pathway to get there;
  • learn the science of making and sustaining lasting personal change and
  • commit to a 30-day challenge to get you started …
  • all in a supportive and judgment-free environment.

The cost of this event includes all the materials you will need to create a vision board for 2020 and access to a habit-building app that will allow you to track your progress.  Bring a group of friends for fun and support! Tickets available on Eventbrite.

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